To start, locate or remember your username, that is the name of the mailbox.
Then go to your mail server.
Window enter username and password click on "Forgot password?" and click it with the left mouse button once.
This will open the page password reminder. On this page must be the line login.
Enter your username and click "Next" or "Step 2" (depends on the specific mail server).
Further two variants are possible.

First – set a new password after answering a security question. This question and the answer chosen by you, to check the mailbox. Thus, after answering this question you will be asked to set a new password for the mailbox.
The second option – a reminder of the password via another email address or cell phone. When registering on most servers you can associate your mailbox with others (even located on a different mail server) or your mobile phone number. Thus, to retrieve your old password, you only need to enter the spare a linked mailbox or phone number provided during registration. Answer with the password usually comes instantly.