Visit the mail services of your e-mail. Next to the sign in form in Inbox, locate the words "Forgot password?" or "Remember password". Clicking on it will open a new page where you will be prompted to enter your username and answer your secret question. A postal service for quite some time when you create a mailbox offer each user to come up with some secret question and record the answer. Some of us take lightly to this procedure, believing that is unlikely to ever face the need to recover the password, but in such situations this information is needed. Click "Next" and in the case of a correct response, the system will prompt you to enter a new password.Often the user cannot remember the answer to secret question, in this case, the password can be restored using a mobile phone or optional email. After the wrong answer to the secret question you will be asked to enter a phone number or second e-mail address if you provided this data during registration. Then you will be sent a new password, which must be entered when logging on to the mailbox. Subsequently, using the menu item "Settings" you can change it to more convenient.Sometimes it happens that the user does not remember the answer to your secret question, phone number and additional email address if not entered or not can use them. In such a situation to recover the password more difficult, but it is, nevertheless, possible. Complete the online application form in support (usually it appears when all the previously entered information is incorrect). Specify the problem you encountered, and write as much information as possible that will prove that this e-mail really belongs to you. For example, the approximate registration date, personal data, the names of folders that you create, the email addresses of your participants. Within a few days you will receive a response.