You will need
  • - device capable of Internet access;
  • - the Internet.
Select one of the services to connect to e-mail. This may be one of the many free email services on the Internet or corporate mail server for your organization.
If you want to connect to free email, go to the website that provides this opportunity, and look for a link like "Register a mailbox", "Register", "Create mailbox". Follow the link on the registration form mailbox.
Enter data about yourself, such as name, date of birth, gender. Most email services provide the typical form in which you need to fill in only the necessary information.
Enter pre-conceived e-mail address, password to access the mailbox in the appropriate fields.
Complete the security block your e-mail account. It can include the answers to the secret question or secondary email address. This information will be useful in case you forget your credentials (email or password). Regaining control of your mailbox on the basis of the information provided in the security unit.
Confirm the registration of the mailbox. Most email servers before confirmation will ask you to enter numeric or alphabetic code displayed in the picture. Enter it in the appropriate field.
In case, the correctness of the information you enter mailbox address and password in the appropriate fields on the main page and get to work with your e-mail.
If you want to connect to a corporate e-mail to your organization, please refer the request to the user. Wait for the decision and contact the IT Department with a request to set up on your computer corporate email.