You will need
  • - go to the registry office;
  • - to write the application;
  • to obtain a certificate;
  • - to replace the passport.
If you decided to change the middle name, but you are under the age of 18, obtain the consent of both parents or guardian.
Prepare the required documents. If you are married, you need evidence of the marriage. Take the birth certificate and internal passport. Go to the registry office and write an application to change patronymic.
According to the Federal law "On acts of civil status" your application will be considered within one month. In rare cases, the leadership of the Registrar can extend this period, but not more than two months. If the term of your application is changed, you will be informed.
Get evidence based on which you will be able to replace the Russian passport. Gather the documents that you will need to obtain a new passport. Put two photos of the established sample, the payment receipt of state duty, passport, certificate of registration (cancellation) of marriage, birth certificate of children, proof of registration at the place of residence, military ID. Go to the passport office. Please submit a certificate of change of patronymic and other documents. Write a statement about issuance of a new passport.
After obtaining a new passport take care of other documents. Replace driver's license, medical insurance, Bank cards and passport. If you have power of attorney, you can ask the Trustee to rewrite them. Change documents for real estate and other property. If you own dedication or documents confirming the inheritance, don't forget to deal with them.
Keep in mind that a high school diploma, diploma and work-book is not subject to mandatory replacement. In the workbook in most cases, record the change of patronymic. As for the certificate and diploma you can use them as before, presenting, if necessary, a certificate of change of patronymic. If you definitely want to replace these documents, be patient and persevere and you will succeed.