You will need
  • -passport
  • -birth certificate
  • -statement
  • -marriage certificate or divorce
  • -a statement to the court
  • -certificate of testator's death
  • -documents of the testator
For example, if the passport is written the name of Natalia, and the certificate of birth of Natalia, the name is incorrect. The birth certificate should be corrected only spelling errors. This document recorded the name of Alain, and would you like Elena, then the correction will be illegal. In this case, you can only change the name itself. Error correction in the name shall be in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation article № 70.
To fix the error when recording the name in the birth certificate need to contact the registry office at the place of registration of birth or place of residence.
Write a statement indicating the reason. Present your passport, birth certificate, marriage.
Two months later, the Registrar's office will issue a new document on the making correct entries.
If to correct error in name is needed for the child till 14 years, to ask the mother to be and write a statement on your behalf. Since the age of 14 bug fix on application a child with her mother's permission.
For an incorrectly entered name in the Russian passport or foreign passport, need to apply to the Federal migration service.
To write a statement, submit a birth certificate, marriage.
After one to two weeks will be issued a new document with the corrected record.
If you made this mistake in spelling the name in the certificate of marriage or divorce, you must contact the Registrar's office. To write a statement, present your passport, birth certificate, marriage or divorce.
After a specified period of time will be issued a new document with the correct entry.
If a person draws up the inheritance and the testator showed an invalid entry name, in accordance with article 265 of the Civil procedure Code to prove the corresponding entry in the documents only in court because of the death of the owner.