The mistake made by the registering authority in the certificate of title, may cause interference that will arise from the owner when trying to dispose of his property. That is why the law provides for the possibility of correction of technical errors if they are detected.

The procedure for such corrections is regulated by article 21 of the Federal law of 21.07.1997 № 122-FZ. This error is corrected the same regardless of the subject who found her. So, officials of the registering authority can find it on my own, and get information from the owner and other stakeholders.

Is corrected error when detected by the owner?

If the property owner found that his certificate of ownership contains a technical error, he should apply to the territorial body of Federal registration service with the appropriate application. Application forms are approved, so submit information about inaccurate in the free form will not work. The application may be submitted directly to the appropriate specialist of the territorial Department or sent in electronic form.

If set out in the statement the information is confirmed, then the authorized body responsible for correcting errors detected in a period of three days after the request of the owner. The same time eliminate inaccuracies installed for those occasions when they are detected by the officials of the territorial body rosreestra.

What to do in case of refusal of error correction?

In some cases the competent authorities to refuse applications correction of an error in the certificate of ownership. This situation can arise when self-troubleshoot by the authorized body can lead to the violation of the rights of others. In this case, the owner must apply to the court of General jurisdiction (for a citizen) or to the arbitration court (for the entrepreneur, legal entity).

After the decision of the court of error in the certificate of ownership will be fixed on the basis of this judicial act. To apply to the courts with the relevant requirements are entitled not only owners themselves, but also the authorised bodies. Therefore, when they self-identify errors that can't be fixed in a General manner, appropriate management of Federal registration service also submits an application to the court.