Date of birth has a significant effect on, for example, the retirement age. All the data about your age, entered in the passport only on the basis of a certificate of birthissued by the registry of acts of civil status. Thus, to make corrections in the passport, or rather, to get a new passport with the correct date, you need to make corrections to records in the Registrar's office.
To do this, you will have to prove that the entry in the Registrar's office contains an error. It will have to find and provide supporting documents. As such can serve as the medical records of the maternity ward of the hospital where you were born.
Write an application to the civil registry office at place of residence or storage with the requirement of any change in the records of your birth. Submit the document and the birth certificate, which must be replaced. In case of refusal, you must submit an application to the court. If the court finds the evidence is overwhelming, the decision it will impose on the recording of acts of civil status to make the necessary corrections.
To change the date of birth can be in the case of adoption of a child. A maximum of three months. In this case, contact the registry office the statement and certificate of adoption.
There are a number of circumstances under which you can legally change the date of birth. For example, the witness protection program. In this case, contact the registry office with the documents confirming this right.
Contact the Federal migration service of the Russian Federation. Write a statement of the established sample with the requirement to replace the passport on the basis of any change. Attach:
1) passport, which must be replaced;
2) two photos (3,5x4,5 cm;
3) birth certificate with a new date of birth.
If the error in the passport were made by the expert of the Federal migration service, contact the Registrar's office will not have to. In a statement, just indicate on the error of the FMS.