You will need
  • -passport
  • -statement
  • -birth certificate of the child
  • -child's passport from the age of 14
  • -notarized authorization from both parents
  • -resolution of the guardianship, if the other parent is missing or deprived of parental rights
  • -a court decision if the other parent does not consent
Manually change the patronymic to the child, reaching the age of 16 years. To 16 years – only with the permission and request of the parents.
No problems with the change of the patronymic to the child, if the child's father changed the name.
Please contact the Registrar's office and write a statement that you wish to change the patronymic to the child. In the statement, specify the name of the child, home address, citizenship. Write what middle name you want to record after the change. Describe the reason for the change in the patronymic.
Attach your documents and birth certificate of the child or passport from 14 years and copies of documents.
You need a notarized permission for change of middle name from you and from the other parent. If the other parent is deprived of parental rights or in the column of the other parent is blank, the permission for change of patronymic will receive from the guardianship and guardianship.
If the other parent did not have the authorization, please attach the court decision on permission to change the middle name of the child.