You will need
  • -statement
  • -passport of father and mother, and photocopy
  • -birth certificate of child and copy
  • permission of bodies of guardianship and guardianship (if the father is not, he is condemned, recognized as legally incapable, is deprived of parental rights)
  • -the decision of the court (if the child's mother does not allow him to change the name)
  • -child's passport (from 14 years)
Write a statement. Specify name of child, name of mother and father, home address, the name that should be written in the birth certificate after the change and the cause that pushed you to do it. Present your identification documents and their photocopies. After 2 months the name of the child will change and will issue a birth certificate with the new name.
If the birth certificate of the child as the father is blank, the father deprived of their parental rights, incapacitated or sentenced to a term of more than three years, the statement must come from the mother and the permission of bodies of guardianship and guardianship.
If you want the father to change the name of the child must obtain permission from the child's mother. If mother of the child not received an application for name change child, then it can be changed only by court order. For this the father must apply to court.
14 years after obtaining a passport, the child can change name with permission of the mother. To do this, the child must write a letter to the Registrar's office and submit a notarized permission of his mother to change his name.
From the age of 16 people can independently change the name without receiving permission from the mother, but according to his own statement indicating the reason why he wants to change the surname, name or patronymic.