In order to properly calculate medical experience, please refer to the required documentation. First, read the decree of the RF Government "On approval of list of positions eligible for crediting seniority in length of service entitling to a pension in connection with the occupation of medical and other activity on health protection of the population". Here you can learn the rules of calculation of terms of service for future pension, given the medical establishment.
Grace medical experience consider the following rule: one year of work in the field of medicine are counted and a half years of medical experience. However, please specify what periods and in what institutions can be counted in medical experience, according to a preferential order.
Approved by Russian Government the list of posts there is a detailed list of specific doctors that have or do not have a right to receive a pension for years of service. Therefore, considering the medical experience, be sure to use items (lists) of posts of medical institutions.
Work in private enterprises engaged in medical activities, must also be counted in the medical experience. Check whether a specific job and a specific type of institution to the list according to which you can charge the employee a pension at a discounted medical service.
In any case, to include a period of work in medical experience, verify whether it meets the requirements of the specific list that says the names of the positions and health care institutions, which can grant the right to receive early old-age pension. To enable this period, experience more and in a preferential order, make sure that the work proceeded in the units and in corresponding positions, which are listed in legal acts.