You will need
  • - employment history;
  • - military ID;
  • calculator.
Find your profession in the registry specified in the RF Law "On state pensions". This document defines, how many years of work counted as service years. For example, for the doctor it will be 25 years if he during this time worked in rural areas.
Calculate the duration of time in accordance with the employment records, military ID. If they are not, confirm the working experience by providing other documents. This reference from the work place, orders of appointments, they will help to determine the date of the adoption of a position.
Add up all the periods of employment in different organizations, if you several times changed the place of service. Worked continuously in one place? Then define your own experience is not difficult. Remember - taking into account only the rounded values, for example, not 23 years and 3 months, and only 23 years old. Do not assume that experience, when in one place you have worked for less than a year.
If you are a service member, check to see whether you spent 12 years and six months in the profession. Total experience must be not less than 25 years, and you must be 45 years. This is the minimum requirements for obtaining a seniority military.
Determine the amount of pension on superannuation – calculate 55% of average earnings. If you continue to work, when it won the right to retirement on superannuation, for each year add one cent to the figures. But there's a caveat – the total amount must not exceed the limit of 75%.