Here is the first way in which you can activate Mobile Internet: simply enter the number 067417001 and hit the call button. For the procedure to connect your account will be charged a certain amount (check with operator) and, in addition, also the monthly subscription fee. Please note that customers are prepaid will not pay the whole amount at once (with their balance within a month the per day will be deducted in equal installments). As soon as the need for the use of the service will disappear, you can disable it by calling the number 067417000 (toll-free).
Subscribers who have decided to connect this service, you should be aware that "Mobile Internet" you must have GPRS settings. Without them you will not be able to access the Internet, as the use of the service will be temporarily suspended pending the provision of automatic settings. Itself activate the GPRS connection will not take you much time - you will need to send USSD-request to *110*181#. By the way, after receiving the settings, be sure to save them and restart your phone (turn it off for a few minutes, and then turn it on again).
In the "Beeline" there is also a service with which you can manage your connected services, activate new or deactivate old is the "my account". It is located on the official website of the company. There is another service for editing services, it is on the website This service allows you to block the number, order details and change tariff plan. In order to use it, send it to the operator USSD-request *110*9#. After processing the request you will receive on your mobile phone a temporary password and username with which you logged in. With the login there should be no problems, its not bad to lose or forget, because it is your phone number. It needs to be specified in ten-digit format. Please note that the password is replaced by another which will be more reliable. Its length should be from six to ten characters.