According to the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation on the pension will affect the region in which the documents are submitted for calculation. Therefore, when calculating pensions follow common rules of calculation of the North-time pensions, regardless of the area of stay. Consider any Northern experience available to the person submitting the documents.
If the North experience for women is at least 20 years and for men at least 25 years, you accrue pension to such individuals should be 50 years for women and 55 for men. If the citizen worked in the regions equated to the far North, the accrual of pension you should make only if you have 20 years of experience.
The concept of grace service – a year and a half operated only until 2002 So today the experience you need to calculate the calendar.
If when calculating the amount of pension you take into account the periods prior to January 1, 2002, you can apply the old order of accrual. This option is best for those who had a small salary, but worked a long time in the North.
Also note that the calculation of the increased basic part of labour pensions is made only when the presence of a full the necessary the North experience. If the required number of years worked is not enough even several months, the pension accrual is necessary to produce according to the standard procedure.
Carefully read the procedure for calculation of early retirement pensions for women who applied for the recalculation increased the base part. Nuanced, as in many cases the law does not provide increase of pensions in connection with the compliance with the conditions of assignment early retirement conditions for establishing enhanced basic parts for pensioners in connection with duration of service in the Northern areas.