The changes did not affect seniority. As before, with an experience of 8 years and above are charged 100% of average earnings, from 5 to 8 years – 80%, up to 5 years – 60%. The experience is a total for all records in the workbook.
For the calculation of average earnings is necessary to take all amounts over 24 months, which was accrued premiums. Paid in cash social benefits in total average earnings are not taken into account. To divide you always need at 730. The resulting number will be accepted for calculation of temporary disablement subject to the General seniority.
If the employee has not worked at your company for 24 months, he is obliged to produce a certificate on form 2-personal income tax from all employers who have worked over this period. At dismissal the employer is obliged to issue such a statement.
For employees who do not have 2 years experience, to calculate the need of actual experience and actual earnings. If the fare is lower than average, according to the minimum wage, the payment is not less than the average daily rate of the minimum wage.
The maximum permissible value for the calculation of benefits increased to 465 thousand in one year, that is over 24 months can be considered a division of 930 thousand at 730.
Payment for sick leave can be obtained from all employers of the enterprises which lists the premiums and on which the staff member is.
Paid sick leave after putting the data in accounting, at the time of payment of the regular salary. The delay when payment for sick leave shall be considered a delay of the salary and is punishable by the same penalties.