Contact a military Commissariat. There needs to maintain the distribution lists of recruits. However, from the military, the young soldier could send to the forwarding station, where he was taken out in the military may not know. However, when injected into the dispenser rookie shall be obliged to inform where he's going to serve further and to give him the opportunity to inform relatives. Unfortunately, in practice it turns out not always.
If too much time has passed since the departure of a man in the army, but of the place of service is still unknown, the soldier can try to find, by tracing his route at the transit points. To do this, knowing the military place of the first shipment, go there and ask for power of attorney in which the recruit was taken from the dispenser. There's got to be a military unit, branch of service and the name and title of the person who took the Deposit.
Then send a letter to this military unit.
Make sure in advance that your friend was able to contact you. Seeing the army, provide it with a clean envelopes and stationery because the new location may be difficulties with shopping.
Reliable means of communication – an inexpensive cell phone. Parents should ensure that young soldiers are not left without communication. Check in advance the room will make other balance and wait for the call.
If you suspect that your friend can send to serve in a place where there is military conflict, you can contact the Committee of soldiers ' mothers. They have the right to find out who of the young soldiers sent to "hot spots". Also in this case, you can try to contact the Union of veterans of Afghanistan or other similar organization that is in your city.
Don't lose hope, look for the person themselves and wait for news. Sooner or later your efforts will be crowned with success.