To find a person who participated in the great Patriotic war, visit the sites,, Here are the base names of the dead people discovered by search parties. Enter the name and surname of the missing person. If there is additional information - age, rank, medals - enter it. Perhaps he is already in the list. Then you will know the place of his burial. If the first time no information to extract failed - don't despair. Retry two or three times a month. The database is constantly updated, supplemented with new data.
Please contact the military-Patriotic clubs that exist in your area. Information about them can be found on the Internet. Bring them a picture of a missing relative, please indicate her year of birth, hometown and approximate location. Search engines will bring these data to a common base, and the man will start looking for similar groups across the country.
Email or call the unique international project - the program "Wait for me". Its volunteers are searching for missing during the Great Patriotic war not only on the territory of the former Soviet Union, but also in other States. To get to the base of the transfer, fill out the form on the website There, as detailed as possible, describe signs of a person. Add text to the photo, if it survived. Work on the detection of the missing will begin immediately. Weekly staff "Wait for me" looking for fifty people. Thirty percent of them - soldiers, officers, partisans, who did not return from the battlefields.