You will need
  • -access to the Internet.
To know is if anybody will help, oddly enough, "word of mouth". There is a theory that everyone in the world know each other a maximum of five hands - and it makes sense. You have a lost relative or childhood friend may have a connection through mutual friends, the existence of which you do not even realize. Try to learn from your friends, friends, distant relatives, who they know, people were trying to find you or asked about you. Of course, to make a sketch and written description of the person and show it to all my friends with the question - not looking for whether this person is you, not worth it. Outline in advance the possible range of searches – classmates will know that whether you are looking for a neighbor's party, and mom living in the city from where you moved a while ago - not trying to find you friend in the sandbox.
A good service will also have various social networks. Maybe that is where you have long and unsuccessfully trying to find old friends. Sign up in the most popular of them - it is possible that some distant cousin or the girl from the party, which was over a month ago, writes: finally I found you! When registering on social networks help those who are looking for you - specify a maximum information - where they lived and what school she studied when she graduated and where she continued her studies they are currently working and in what city live. Leave the web page for more contact details – mobile number, email address, etc.
Equally effective way to learn, whether you are looking for someone is a TV program "Wait for me". If it becomes the star of the TV screen not really want, you can use their Internet site. Using a special search string, you can easily and quickly find out filed any application with a request to find you.