You will need
  • computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
Find out about the person as much information as possible. Except for the surname, name and patronymic name is desirable to remember the date or even year of birth. Also you may need information about the hometown of the searched person, place of work or study.
Search one of the databases of phone numbers. For example, to find the person in Moscow you can go to the page By using this website you can find out the address and phone number of a wanted person. But the disadvantage of this database is that there are not all residents of the city, and mainly those in whose name issued telephone bills.
If you know in which University educated people, you will be able to use the database of University graduates. Often they are placed on the website in open access. Phone numbers and email addresses there usually do not appear, but can be an email address or current place of work.
To search for the person abroad, use electronic resources, called the white pages. According to the principle of organizing information they are similar to the national telephone database. Such sites exist in most countries of Europe and America.
To search for the victims of war, for example, the place of burial, there are special database. Soldiers killed in the Great Patriotic war, listed on the website Similar lists in respect of soldiers killed in Afghanistan.