On the Internet until there is a separate database that could be used to search for serving in the armed forces, but there are some pretty big resources where you can look for.
First of all, you should try known to many website This is the oldest in Runet social network has long ceased to be a place for meeting friends at school, and also brings together students, co-workers and colleagues. Sign up below to start your search in personal data, select your military unit and you will have access to your colleaguesregistered on the site.
If you haven't found what we're looking for "Classmates", try to register on the site www.odnopolchane.netwhere you can find profiles of more than 250 000 people. Perhaps, it is the largest social network of colleagues. After registration you will be able to find his military unit, to look at the profiles of colleagues and write them a message. For convenience, the site has a search branch of the armed forces, city, military unit number, the name and surname of the person.
Well, if your search is not successful, look for their colleagues on other sites on the Internet, such as (different from the above-mentioned site with a single letter in the title and is a separate resource),, and