Go to the site "Vkontakte". Click on the "Search" button located at the top in the blue field. Choose a search category "People". Enter the name and surname of the person in the search bar. The system will give you a certain amount of custom pages. To facilitate the search, type in filter located on the right side of the page, country and city where the person you are looking for. If you have any more information, use the filter again to minimize the number of options. If you do not have any more data, start to view the custom page. With some luck you will quickly recognize the man in the photo.
Take advantage of other resources in which you can find someone. It's the sites like "Classmates", "the meeting Place", "Hundred friends", "small World", "Your neighbors" and others. If you are looking for a colleague, use these sites as "Search colleagues across the country", "Soldier", "Colleagues", "Served", "Soldiers", "army", "Epaulettes" and "border guards". Please note on the website of the national TV project "Wait for me": it is not only you can place a search query relating to a person of your interest, but also apply to participate in the filming of the program, which will increase your chances of success.
Find a local forum for the city in which he lives that interest you. Ask users for assistance in the search. Find the website of the local newspaper and post an ad. For a fee it can be bold or frame, to immediately attract the eye. Contact local radio: if ether net is a project of the type "table of orders" on Russian radio, you can convey your message in such a way. If you find a person very important to you and you are not limited to Finance, look over the Internet private investigator. It will be easier to get access to confidential information.