See who you looking for from relatives or friends on the portal of the project "Wait for Me" (link to the official website, you will find below). This TV program dedicated to finding missing people and for many years, helped reunite thousands of people. View the main page of the site. Here, under the heading "looking for Them" are some of the calls for help from people who have lost someone. Click on the title to open the entire database search. You might find your name and photo. Also enter the name yourself, or you are interested in a friend or relative in the search box below to check the results.
If you know who would like to find you, you can try to contact him yourself, leave a request in the appropriate section of the website. Go through a quick registration procedure, and then specify all known data about a person on a special page. Now the man himself will be able to learn about what you are looking for using search on the main page, and respond. You can also call the hotline 8(499)391-98-88, if you need help. The most interesting situations in the air, which takes place every week on the channel "Russia".
To know that you are someone looking for, you can use one of Internet search engines such as Google or Yandex. Try entering your name, surname and other data into the search box and look at the results. Perhaps someone close to you left the relevant question on any theme online online. You can also try to find information about all the people you have lost contact, again using the opportunity of search engines.
Currently, more and more people register in social networks – "Odnoklassniki", "Vkontakte", Facebook and others. Do this and you. In each of the social networks you can search their relatives and friends as well as classmates, fellow students, comrades and colleagues. Most likely, you will be able to find the right person or anyone who may know of his current location. But if someone wants to find you, make sure you get on your page and will be able to contact by sending a personal message or even a video message.