Finding people missing in the great Patriotic war, engaged in a huge number of people. The creators of Internet portals, youth clubs, staff of specialized television and radio broadcasts. Getting smaller unmarked graves, more and more relatives of the Soviet soldiers aware of their fate.
The most affordable way to obtain information about their relatives who did not return from the battlefields - contact the relevant sites. Portals,, and others, contain the information and documents about the missing and the dead in the great Patriotic war and subsequent conflicts.
To find a missing person with the help of these portals, no registration needed. Simply enter the surname, name, patronymic and date of birth. If you know the rank and years of service, mark it in the search bar. The more identifying information you enter, the more likely a positive result. Data for these sites are produced by volunteers, engaged in excavations in areas of fighting. The database is constantly updated, so check the lists of missing once or twice a month.
If you find yourself missing does not work, contact the program "Wait for me". This unique international project. Programme officers carry out searches not only throughout the former Soviet Union but also in other countries of the world. To begin the search for your family member, fill out the form on the website It as much detail as possible, specify signs of the missing man. If you have a photo you can add it to the description. The search will begin immediately. Weekly through transfer "Wait for me" looking for around sixty people. Thirty percent found soldiers and officers who did not return from the battlefields.