General share property on agricultural land

After the collective and state farms that existed during the Soviet Union, was disbanded in the late 80-ies of their land occupied by farmland, it was decided to transfer the ownership of former collective farmers. Because these areas before that were intensively used in those days to share their there was no point – still some time to reorganized agricultural enterprises worked in the former regime. After Russia began to export cheap products from European countries, domestic agriculture became unprofitable and the land plots in common ownership, were gradually abandoned.

After a time, when the construction boom started, these lands, located in an ecologically clean and picturesque places, drew the attention of investors and developers who began to redeem them for construction of cottage villages and individual houses. The site could be repurchased from shareholders in full or in part, with allocation of units to individual owners.

That is, each of the owners of this large parcel has the right to address the meeting of shareholders with a request for his share of land, this right is stipulated in article 252, paragraph 2 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation. Interest holders wishing to exercise their right, not answerable to others for what purposes it will use its allotment. However, to prevent wasteful squandering of farmland, recent changes in some normative acts of constituent entities of the Russian Federation provide for the restriction on the sale of these shares to third parties. But investors can, if not going to use his share himself, to take land on lease.

How to apply for the allotment of land from common ownership

The decision of the meeting of shareholders is defined on the plan the place where you can allocate land. Land allocated to investors in the form of unit, it is necessary to identify areas to rough it in nature. For this cadastral engineer will survey and will be the landmark plan under which the area in the future will be registered with the new inventory number in the Unified State Register of Rights to immovable property and transactions with it (EGRP). Local media placed the announcement that the investor wants to allocate his share and set a date for the General meeting of owners of the land.

Draft boundary plan must be approved by the meeting, and the decision entered into the record. The meeting also signed the act of agreeing the boundaries of the newly formed land. On the basis of the Protocol prepared by the Resolution of administration of Municipal formation, within which is situated the land. The certificate on the property right to the allocated land holders will receive in territorial body rosreestra.