You will need
  • - certificate of ownership;
  • - extract of cadastral documents;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - the act of transfer and acceptance;
  • - payment for registration.
To divide a plot of land for sale you will be able to if all of your co-owners agree on a voluntary partition. In the absence of mutual consent section a share is prosecuted on the basis of submitted application and cadastral extracts on the whole plot.
If you divide the land by mutual consent, and you have it consists of a single state account in FORTCC, you need to apply from all owners. You will produce a section boundary will prepare the documents and put different parts on a single cadastral registration.
If a single agreement has come, then the plot will be divided on the basis of a court order.
The land, which the unified state accounting is necessary to delimit two or more different and deliver each received a share in the cadastral register.
In all cases you will receive an extract from the cadastral passport, copy of cadastral plan and register title to his land share of land. After registration of the ownership rights you have the right to sell his land under current General law.
If the result of the division you registered right of ownership of his share to a few people, get all notarized authorization for sale.
Divided land share is a stand – alone plots, so unlike the purchase and sale of divided housing consent and permission from other co-owners is not required.
Enclose with the buyers agreement of sale in a simple or notarial form and make the act of reception-transmission. Apply in PPRC for the registration of ownership rights to the buyers.