You will need
  • - your passport;
  • - notarized authorization;
  • - documents for the land plot;
  • - agreement of purchase and sale;
  • - the act of transferring;
  • - the statement in FPRZ;
  • receipt of payment for registration.
If you plan to sell a part of your own site, you'll need to carry out the procedure section to obtain two or more separate plots. Any section of land is a procedure of delimitation and registration of the resulting parts of the land.
If the land have ownership of several persons, and, if you are married and the land was acquired during the marriage, obtain written consent from the other spouse and all owners to conduct partition.
To conduct call survey engineer at cadastral works on the basis of the works will receive a package of documents and register them in FUSCH. A section of a single plot you will be allowed to produce only if the new plots will correspond to the minimum area of landprovided in your area and get one side into the street, where is located a house. If you do not get this method to produce a section, for example if a large part of land adjacent to a field or vacant lot, the sale of land impossible.
If you made a section and registered a new land in FUSCH, you are going to get the cadastral extract for the registration of ownership rights on newly created allotments. For this we turn to the Registrar a statement and cadastral extracts. Only land owned by you can sell.
Selling the newly created plots is carried out according to the General rules. You can enter into a contract with a real estate Agency providing services selling and paperwork or do it yourself.
If you have found a buyer educated on the shares, it will draw up a contract of sale, the document of transfer and acceptance and submit them to PPRC for registration of ownership rights to their customers.