You will need
  • permission from the Department of architecture in section;
  • - an application to the court;
  • - title documents;
  • - passport;
  • - copy of cadastral plan;
  • - legend with marked lobes.
If all owners or the spouses agree on the division of common property, contact the Department of architecture and urban planning. Submit your application, documents of title to the building, the architectural draft of a Chapter house to share in kind.
You will be given permission on the basis of which you will be able to deliver to the house main wall, to make a separate entrance. Everyone gets their share.
To register individual ownership right to the acquired shares, Rasmiyya common land, contact the BTI for registration of private technical and cadastral passport for each share, get the cadastral extract and contact PPRC.
Each owner will receive a separate certificate of ownership, then you have the right to dispose of own shares at its discretion: to sell, donate, exchange or to live in it.
In case of disagreement of all owners or spouses on a voluntary section you will have to apply to the arbitration court for enforcement section home.
Imagine in a court statement, the documents of title to the house, copy of cadastral plan, explication with marked lobes. If the house is large enough on the basis of a judicial decision, you will be able to share it to share in kind.
The procedure of registration of ownership rights under the compulsory section is exactly the same as in the voluntary allotment share. You need to obtain permission from the Department of architecture, how to install a main wall and do the private entrance you are not eligible.
A small house can not be divided into parts, for example, if the house has only one room. Therefore, the court will make a decision on the division of property in a percentage. To sell, exchange allocated percentage share is impossible, but you can get with other owners of its cost.