You will need
  • — the statement in the BTI;
  • — technical and cadastral documents;
  • — an application to the court;
  • — title documents to the property.
Contact BTI a statement about the design of individual documents on the share of housing, if all owners agree on the partition and the cubic capacity of the apartment or house allows you to select individual share in kind. Such a partition is possible only in the case that each owner will be able to separate isolated room is equal to its share of ownership specified in the certificate. Most often a certificate of ownership is issued in equal shares on all and see the share of each is equal.
Sign up for a separate right of ownership by submitting documents to FPRC after receiving individual technical passport and extract from the cadastral documents.
Unfortunately, housing is not always possible to divide the share in kind, and not all owners are agreed on a voluntary section. In this case, you need to apply to the court and to present documents of title to the property you would like to allocate a separate property and a copy of the cadastral plan with marked lobes.
You will send the housing Commission for assessing the possible section shares in kind or not. If partition is possible, on the basis of a court ruling you have the right to make a separate cadastral and technical documents for allocated shares, and to issue a separate right of ownership.
If partition in kind is impossible, the court decided to divide the percentage. In this case, to issue a separate right of ownership is impossible. Also you will not be able to dispose of their shares at their own discretion. The only way to separate yourself from the rest – is to apply to the court for compulsory collection of the amount equal to your share in percentage with the other owners.
Another option section, when all the owners agree to sell the property and divide the money between all the owners. Everyone can get their share equal to its ownership.