If you work in a large enterprise, make sure that you have the qualification Commission and that she is able to take the exam. For this it should be composed of experts in your area, so they could objectively assess the level of your knowledge. If such a structure in your plant, try to attract qualification Commission of any professional and technical schools, provided that they have exactly your specialty. Most likely, you will meet.
Agree on the appointment of responsible persons and develop a plan of study in the workplace.
In the Commission's day hand over the exam and will receive a document of assignment of the next discharge.
If the organization where you work very little for qualification, you can contact the training center through the employment Service of the population. You must provide the opportunity to take suitable courses. However, it is necessary to know in advance whether you will get the document on assignment of the category at the end of the training session, or you will be given a certificate stating that you attended this course. Such a certificate will not be able to help, and the crust of assigning a discharge she has no relation.
Agree with the employer about whether he is ready to pay for your training how to increase your salary once you assign the category and what is the name of your new position. If the employer will not pay for your courses, teaching will have to undergo at his own expense, and it is quite expensive.
Sometimes the employer just has no right to allow you into certain types of work, if you have not had the respective crusts. However, once you assign the category before you can open new horizons. Should try to manage to become a highly qualified specialist, subsequently not any obstacles for the next increase.