Write a statement in the free form, but subject to the adopted in the design of such instruments business style. To start, specify the recipient. The right to address your appeal directly to the personnel review Board, but if not in the enterprise, you will need to ask a question about the necessity of increasing the discharge to the Director. He will be able to initiate the formation of such a Commission or point you in the appropriate school. Next, specify the sender. Here write his own name, profession and place of work. The name of the document, place in the center of the sheet.
How to write a statement about the increased discharge
The content of the statements start with the words "no exam" and enter the desired category, level of qualification. Let a fee that you are familiar with the procedure changes and assigning categories adopted in the enterprise. Specify existing qualifications. List the grounds and circumstances that allow you to qualify for an upgrade specialist. This may be the end of the course, internship, experience from the implementation of the relevant required level of knowledge and skills works.
How to write a statement about the increased discharge
In the final part provide information about yourself that you think need to report to the Commission. It can be an experience in the enterprise, the level of skills, the availability of honors and awards, information about improving education, speciality, etc date of registration of the application, sign and decrypt the signature. In this part it is appropriate and ask them to approve your application Manager or specialist, who could recommend you for the training.
How to write a statement about the increased discharge