Decoration of a house brick should be planned at the stage of laying the Foundation. But in practice this condition is rarely performed, so the walls are brick-faced with infringement of technology of these finishing works, crack or deform. To the right facing house this building stone need to build a additional solid Foundation, which entails a considerable increase in costs. In addition, masonry work is multiples more expensive trim siding.

What is better siding or brick

The siding is of two types: metal and vinyl. If sheathing the house of metal, the durability of this finish will match the brick. Vinyl can also become deformed due to misalignment of the frame or the shrinkage of the house to crack from mechanical damage or large hail. Both types of finishing materials - siding and facing bricks - is environmentally safe.

If the climate in the region the spot that the humidity mainly increased, you should choose high-quality brick, as these stones are hygroscopic. Which can not affect its operational properties: the wet brick is not able to retain heat, but it perfectly conveys the cold. Therefore, for such conditions it is better to make a choice in favor of any of siding: metal or vinyl.

When the brick veneer of the wooden house should provide for waterproofing of the log house. For this purpose often use vellum, which is placed between the wooden wall and brick trim. But this protection is short-lived. Over time, the paper will lose properties gidroizolyator, and in the space between the two walls inevitably will accumulate condensation. Therefore, professionals tend to think that veneer wooden building with a brick – not the best solution.

Siding has several indisputable advantages: it does not absorb moisture, is much cheaper, its installation more rapid and less time consuming. Metal siding is fireproof, like brick. Rain and other precipitation on the brick can remain whitish and yellowish stains that completely adorns the building. The siding is pretty simple to clean using ordinary soap solution. But it is required very rarely rains washed a good finish and additional purification is not necessary.

What is the better brick siding

Any siding over time, fade under ultraviolet light. Vinyl becomes more and more brittle. Brick also does not react to sunlight, so it retains its strength and color. Another advantage of brick is that it can be used to lay out different patterns. This facade looks elegant throughout its lifetime.