In Greece at noon, close small shops and large offices on a long break. The Greeks believe that a good employee should be able to first correctly to relax. In fact, harvest under the scorching sun is not only productive, but also extremely dangerous to your health. It can cause heart attacks and many other cardiovascular diseases. Each resident has the right to an afternoon NAP, which ideally should last about 30 minutes. During this time it is expected a full recovery. The rest of the time is given for measured rest, and continue the work until late in the evening.
Modern Spaniards respect the Siesta and in many small towns welcomed the three-hour break. Large cities still find the ability to work in hot weather, but it is a rather individual decision for each person, shop or business. Despite the abundance of air conditioning, many museums close from 14 to 17 hours. Siesta time is not clearly regulated and can last from 2 to 4 hours. A day stay is designed to eliminate stress on the body during the heat and provides sustaining power and improving mood. According to the Spanish Siesta is arranged to increase productivity and is a must for health. Scientists say that sleep strengthens the immune system and reduces the tendency to colds.
His habit of daily holidays Spain have introduced in their colonies, and Siesta has become a tradition in Latin America.
Relaxing in high esteem in Mexico and the Caribbean. Siesta is widely distributed in Mallorca, Brazil, Portugal and Argentina. However, entrepreneurs who seek profit, not respect for old traditions, abandoned the practice long lunch breaks.
Siesta in Italy suggests short sleep on a comfortable sofa and a complete isolation from the external environment. Turn off phones and TVs are excluded in lively conversations. A real Siesta remained unchanged tradition in the provinces of Italy, but not practiced in tourist cities. The custom of the day appeared in Ancient Rome. The villagers really get up early, and by noon a long day at work gave way to a dense lunch and a long sleep.