The exact reasons for the appearance of the bones on the legs could not be established, but there are a number of patterns in which they occur. An important role plays the genetic direction, as well as endocrine disorders in the body. If you have flat feet, you must often pay attention to your feet, because you have a large percentage of the emergence of this disease. Great impact on bone formation has excessive weight, it is the people with more weight, very often suffer from this problem. When the excess weight of the load is placed on the foot, and they simply can not withstand, after which the disease manifests itself in the form of bones. You should also follow a number of eating salt, sugar, very spicy and oily food as they are harmful for the joints.

There are many ways to get rid of the bones on the feet. With the appearance of inflammation on the bone, you need to put iodine mesh, it will help to stop the inflammatory process. You can also use a bow and leaves of burdock, they quickly and efficiently to prevent inflammation and pain and redness are during the day. One of the problems is that these treatments will help you to relieve inflammation and pain in the bone, but will not correct the deformity of her. This is best fast, timely and most importantly to seek surgical assistance. At an early stage to treat is always easier than to wait, when you can not walk on the leg at all. Such operations are very simple, a lot of the time they don't take the pain you'll barely feel. A few days after surgery your foot will heal all wounds and you will be able to move without feeling pain and discomfort.

If you don't want to get rid of the bones on his feet with the help of surgery, then you will need to use different orthopedic accessories, they certainly help, but much more effective will be the operation. For treatment you can use insoles, arch support, finger correctors and silicone toe cushions. They must be used regularly, otherwise the result you get.