For the treatment of hallux valgus of the first toe of the foot you must contact the podiatrist. After examination, the doctor should prescribe x-ray examination, plantography (diagnostic fingerprints of the surfaces of the soles). The patient is prescribed physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises for the foot and toes. With the aim of reducing inflammation do intra-articular injections of hormonal drugs ("Diprospan", "Hydrocortisone").
To non-surgical methods of treatment of valgus deformation also includes wearing orthotic arch supports, insoles, night sheen, interdigital pads. The patient must wear special shoes that should have a broad nose, low heel (under 4 cm). The heel should be high and hard, and arch supports - dense and high. For the correction of deformity is possible to use different types of insoles, polystelic, custom. These devices reduce the load on the leg joints, improve circulation, reduce fatigue in the legs. It is often difficult to place orthotics in the shoes, in this case, you can use a shortened version of polystelic, they have no anterior.
Conservative treatment of hallux valgus of the first toe is used only in the early stages of development of pathology, as well as preoperative preparation, as it does not lead to full recovery. The main methods of surgical treatment of hallux valgus are ekzistentsiya, osteotomy, arthroplasty. Ekzistentsiya consists in excision of the metatarsal head, osteotomy is carried out with removal of the metatarsal bone or phalanx of the finger. In resection arthroplasty, removes the portion of the metatarsophalangeal joint from the metatarsal bone. Other surgical methods of treatment include replacement of the affected joint implant.
In the postoperative period it is necessary to limit the load on the foot. On the second day the patient can only move the fingers of the operated leg. You can walk in 10 days., however, stepping on the operated area should not be. The load on the whole foot is only allowed after a month. If successful within six months you can wear shoes on heels, exercise. To facilitate the rehabilitation period is prescribed extracorporeal shock wave therapy, which aims to improve blood circulation, reduce pain and swelling.