The early signs of deformity

The deformation of the foot occurs slowly and imperceptibly. First they change the appearance of the bones of the thumb. Redness of the skin on the fingers, and irritation should alert members of the fairer sex. This is the first indication that the process of deformation of the joint. Another symptom is aching pain in the joints during walking and running, and after prolonged walking in heels.

The reasons for the growth of the bones of the thumb

Most often deformation of the foot is hereditary and passed on from generation to generation through the female line. But the bulging of the big toe joint can also be a symptom of a serious disease.

If you have flat feet, then you are at high risk of growth of bones of the thumb. An ordinary flatfoot in the early stages does not cause trouble. But when it turns from a simple cross - bones of the fingers are deforming. All the toes then take the fan and start to overlap each other. With all this, the bone of the big toe starts to bulge at a considerable distance.

The elimination of deformity

To avoid the growth of the bones of the big toe is necessary for preventive procedures. It is especially necessary to women, in the family where women have observed a deformation of the big toe joint several generations in a row.

Preventive procedures include massage and acupuncture, and of course a warm relaxing foot bath. But with regard to the shoes, then her choice should be taken seriously. You only need to wear comfortable shoes on your size, which does not disturb blood flow in the foot. High heels are not the best option of shoes for women. Should abandon them and wear more comfortable shoes on the platform of medium height.

In the case when it's too late to be prevented and it is necessary to be active, there are special bandages for the big toe joint. They help to keep the bones in place and prevent deformation of the joint due to articulated bus. The brace can be worn both at home and on the street. It is absolutely not in the way when putting shoes on and practically is not felt. As soon as the first signs of inflammation of the big toe joint, it is necessary to use iodine mesh and herbal compresses. Also sold in pharmacies many different ointments to prevent the growth of the bones of the big toe.