The procedure to change is public. The owner of the land only initiates its circulation in the municipality, after which a Committee, which was responsible for preparation of materials, collection and holding of public hearings on the basis of which the municipality makes a decision about the possibility or the impossibility of changing the permitted use of the land.
Public hearings should be held with the participation of those citizens whose rights can be affected by the change of use of the site. So created, the Commission invites public hearings for owners of land and owners of capital construction objects on the territory bordering on discussing plot and in case of a possible negative impact on the environment by changing the use of plot – holders of the territory that will be subject to such effects.
Inform interested persons must be held not later than ten days from the filing of the copyright statement on the change of use. The hearing itself should be conducted by decision of the municipality, but not later than one month after notification of the parties.
During the public hearing invited interested persons can provide comments, suggestions and observations on changes in the use of the discussed area. All comments will be entered in the minutes of the hearing and taken into account when forming the final conclusion.
After a public hearing, the Commission makes recommendations regarding the use of the discussed parcel of land, the recommendation can be either positive or negative, indicating the reasons for the refusal of change of use. The Commission's opinion is sent to management of the local administration, and within three days the decision to change the permitted use of landor the denial of it.It is the decision of the administration is the document upon which amends the real property cadastre and registry of rights to immovable property.