You will need
  • - technical documents of real estate.
Cadastral cost of land plots expects the Federal Office for the unified accounting of land, cadastre and cartography. The calculation takes into account land category and permitted use, the regional market price of land, the area, the use ratio from the use of, infrastructure development in the region.
If you have changed the permitted use of the land, respectively, to change the use ratio that will invariably lead to an increase or decrease of the cadastral value. To reduce the cadastral value results in a fall in the market prices, which often decline of industrial activities in the region, which leads to loss of jobs and inevitably leads to a drop in property prices.
Independently to reduce the cadastral value of the land you can not, except that will produce land and sell part of the land, which will reduce the area of land and to reduce the cadastral value.
The cost of residential, non-residential premises, structures, buildings, structures, held by BTI on the basis of technical documents, taking into account market value, wear and tear, infrastructure development of the area. Real estate is cheaper when a large percentage of wear, when prices fall to market a property, the decline in industrial production and regional development in General.
If the recalculation of the cadastral value of land plots will only be performed if changing the main indicators forming the cadastral value, the recalculation of the value of buildings, structures and installations should be carried out systematically. Increased technical level of depreciation decreases the cadastral value.
To get information about the cadastral value of the land you may at any time by contacting PWSCC. Reference on the cadastral value of the buildings gives the BTI.