A statement to the tax office create and execute on common samples that you can find and copy on the stands installed in any institution of the tax Inspectorate.
Set out in the statement full and detailed information about what prompted you to contact the tax office on the issue of verification of the patent of the subject.
If the reason for filing an application to the tax Inspectorate has served a specific event, please be either written testimony or the consent of existing witnesses to confirm your words.
If a question occurs of which you chose to write the application in tax inspection, serious enough, and make enough copies of this statement and copies of all papers which are directly relevant to this issue. All of these copies necessarily assure at the notary.
If your application is significant enough, you will always call the tax office for a chat. Be prepared for the fact that you will be asked a variety of questions, leading to the elucidation of circumstances, whether you have personal reasons for wanting to cause distress to the person to whom you wrote the application.
Even if you get a full explanation on your issue, will ask the employees of the tax Inspectorate to send you a formal response to your statement. It will be helpful for complication of relations with the subject of the verification.