The word Gastarbeiter has long been akin to a curse. Although it is actually in German it means wage-worker. Today the image of the worker is closely associated with the citizens of neighboring countries, which droves cross the Russian border in search of a suitable job.

Employing a visiting officer from the street, you should immediately consider a number of nuances, including how much will cost you his job.
Experts say that the wages of workers directly depends on the conscience of the employer. It is no secret that employers often underpaid or not paid at all. Also, there are situations where workers passports are confiscated.

Where migrant workers work

Most often migrant workers working in the field of construction works and sales. Most of them are involved in dirty jobs, like cleaning, zero cycle on a construction site and a variety of services. Many work on parole, because belong to the category of illegal immigrants and officially to find a job can't. And it is a direct way to ensure that would be cheating.

The work of migrant workers is estimated quite low. And this is because employers use illegal workers and those that complain they will not.

How much is the labor of migrant workers

In order to calculate how much you need to pay a hired newcomer employee, you should consider a number of factors. For example, we have to assume that it somewhere to live, so at least he needs is 150-200 p. per day for a bed in a hostel. And it is about 4 500 - 6 000 R. per month. You should also add daily expenses on food and travel, and sending money home. On this basis, it is possible to estimate that the minimum cost of the work per day is estimated at 900 - 1 000 RUB. Possible bargain, but it's unlikely to succeed, because working mercenaries including earnings, not just for the food.
Other prices may apply only in the case if you provide employee housing and meals at the time of work. But in this case, it is unlikely to bargain for a rate of less than 750 p. per day.

If you need to make a small amount of work can be used to calculate the average of the table. For example, if you ask the migrant to migrate and spread a bunch of sand, it will cost 1 500 - 3 000 R. to Dig a ditch is 200 p. per meter. House siding the siding comes in averaging 250 p sq m Plaster walls - 250-350 roubles per sq. m. Many people set their daily rate in the range of 800 - 1 000 RUB. per 12-hour day. In the autumn and winter month the work of a migrant worker leaves the employer in 15 000 - 20 000 R.

Finding the right employees is not an easy task as it seems. Despite the fact that migrant workers in Russia quite a lot, to find someone who does the work qualitatively and in time problematic.