You will need
  • - a statement in FUMS;
  • - a written request to the FUMS.
Temporary registration is performed on the basis of a citizen that requires it to issue, and the written consent of all homeowners. At the present time to obtain a temporary registration can be much simpler, by sending a statement to the FMS and a copy of the notarized permission of homeowners, this does not necessarily apply to the migration service in person.
Registration starts and ends on the dates specified in the application. In this case, the landlord has the right at any time to apply to the FMS and to prematurely terminate a temporary registration. For early termination of temporary registration personal presence of the prescribed person is not required.
To learn the genuineness of temporary registration, to apply to the Federal migration service. Indicate the reasons that led you to verify the availability of temporary residence permits.
The office of the Federal migration service provides information on registration totally free, but to get them, you need to specify a very good reason. For example, a good enough reason to check all information may be the case that your company gets the employee from another city or region, having only a temporary registration. Your right to know all about the employee, so you can request any information, including authentication of provisional registration.
Information will be given after 1-3 days. The terms depend on the region in which you this information.
If you do not have time to personally contact the Office of the Federal migration service, make a written request. The request must also specify the reason why you require the information, all the information about yourself, address and phone number for feedback.
In person you will receive all the information much faster. If the query terms can range from two weeks to two months.