You will need
  • • A package of documents on the car:
  • • Passport technical means (PTM)
  • • Vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate)
  • • If necessary - a notarized power of attorney from the owner to the seller
  • • Internet access
  • • Online resource with access to the database for verification of vehicle by VIN code.
Buyers of used cars from private individuals sometimes can be compared to a roulette players. Do a thorough inspection of the car before buying it is not always possible to check the data on the car and the owner too. So sometimes after a while the buyer finds out unpleasant news about your car: whether she had been in an accident, or stolen, the problems with customs, Bank Deposit, unpaid loan on the car and many other reasons, which if timely determination would lead to the rejection of such problematic purchase. To the delight of car enthusiasts, do check on the legal purity can be now quite simple.
One of the most visited Internet portals in Russia - А – provides all buyers of used cars a unique service: check on the legal purity in the VIN code. VIN number – the unique vehicle identification number, which is specified in the passport technical means (PTM), and is driven in the vehicle registration certificate (registration certificate). Also, the VIN code is placed on the car. It can be under the hood, below the windshield or on the arch of the driver's door. To cut a long search, if you do not know his whereabouts, ask the seller. Rewrite the VIN code for yourself on paper, telephone, etc. Now you need to find the nearest source of Internet access.
How to check the legal purity of the machine
To check the VIN go to the portal А the link To you will reveal a pretty simple menu with default options: check for the presence of collateral, the checking bases cars from USA and Canada and decoding of the car. Each option has a link to its explanation. It is enough to point the cursor to the desired record.
How to check the legal purity of the machine
Fill in the proposed window VIN and click "Check". The test results soon enough will be displayed in the same window. This service is free.
How to check the legal purity of the machine
If the test results do not satisfy you and you want more to get more details, below, in the results window checks, you will find links to the full test report, which you can order on the same site. For this, you need to register online A full report on the inspection is a paid service. Payment is via SMS message. The cost is about 80R.
If you are planning to buy a car imported from the United States and Canada, the resource provides you with the opportunity of receiving information about the fact of sale of cars on the territory of these States. The service is also be paid by SMS. The service costs about 145р.
How to check the legal purity of the machine
Thus, you will be able to verify the legal purity of the car you wish to purchase and save yourself from unpleasant surprises from this purchase in the future.