The address to the credit specialist of Bank. This method is the most acceptable and convenient in cases where immediately after receiving information, followed by loan payment through the cashier. For this you need to contact the Bank which issued the loan, taking a loan agreement and a passport or other identity document. Credit specialist by contract number and invoice will look in the database the balance of the loan and provide it to the borrower.
The Service "Sberbank Online". To find out the balance on the loan in the savings Bank, using the services of the official website. To login to your account in two ways: to request a list of ATM one-time passwords or using the services "Mobile Bank" by obtaining the username and password in the SMS message that will be sent to your mobile phone. After entering your personal Cabinet you must go to "Credits" to enter your data and specify the Department, which issued the loan. To view the balance of the loan payable, it is necessary in the appropriate field to enter a specific date and debt information will appear on the computer screen.
Loan calculator on the website of Sberbank. To use a loan calculator and find out the balance on the loan in the savings Bank, you must log in your personal account. Loan calculator calculates the amount of payments and shows the balance of the loan based on the borrower information, and its precision and accuracy directly affects the outcome. To do this, fill in the given graphs, and to specify the form of payment specified in the contract: annuity or differentiated.
Call the hot line of Sberbank. The Bank provides a convenient service, can be accessed by calling the free single room 8-800-555-5550. You must wait for the connection to the operator, to inform him of the identity in form of passport numbers and credit cards, after which he will report the amount of the arrears on the loan at the time of the call.
ATM or terminal. To find out the balance on the loan in the savings Bank ATM machine, insert credit card in the appropriate box, enter the PIN code, and then choose the menu item "loan Payment". As a result, the screen shows the amount of debt subject to repayment and mandatory payment that must be paid. Unlike ATM, terminal the presence of a banknote is not required. You must know the contract number for the loan and for information to type it on the keyboard. Before fully or partially pay the loan, it is necessary to clarify the balance or amount of the mandatory payment due. The methods described will help you avoid errors and underpayments, which can lead to unnecessary expenses in the form of fines or penalties.