You will need
  • Access to the office of Sberbank
  • ATM
  • Internet
In order to know the balance on the loan, you can come into branch of the savings Bank with the documents proving your identity. You also need to bring a credit agreement, which will include the following information: your account number and contract number. With this information, you can get the remaining amount of the loan from any operator of the savings Bank.
Another way of getting information - using the ATM. If you have a card of Sberbank, which is tied to the account of the credit agreement, then this operation can be performed at the ATM. For this you need to insert the card into the ATM, enter your secret pin and select the on screen option to "pay the loan", and on the ATM screen there will appear information: recommended payment amount and your balance on the loan.
If you have the Internet and the connected service "Mobile Bank", then learn the remainder of the loan is very simple. Need to log on to the website of Sberbank, go to the "Sberbank Online" and log in to your personal account. The entrance to the office is performed using the list of passwords received at ATM or with a password in the SMS message to the phone number registered when you connect the Mobile Bank."
After entering your personal Cabinet choose section "Credits" and see in it the amount of the payment and the balance of your loan.