Grass stains from jeans well are removed with a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, prepared in the ratio of 1:1. Fresh stains from the green remove the vodka. Because grass stains deeply eats into the ribbed structure of jeans, repeat this procedure 2-3 times.
If the jeans have stains of blood, it is necessary to soak them for several hours in cold water. RUB the spot with a stainm warm soapy water. If blood stains have dried, soak the jeans and then treat the water with a small addition of ammonia. Then wash on normal mode.
Spots of rust should not be rinsed in chlorine bleach, it reacts with iron oxide. To remove such stains, pour jeans with lemon juice and heat spot, for example, it progladte iron through a thin cloth. Again pour the stain with lemon juice and RUB. Then wash in warm soapy water. If there was no lemon, use vinegar (in a glass of water you need 1 teaspoon of essence).
Stains from oil paint are removed with a mixture of acetone and gasoline. If the stain zastarela, first treat it with butter, and then the above mixture. Also spots of paint are removed with turpentine. The sooner after the appearance of the spots you start to handle it, the more chance it will disappear altogether.
Grease stains sprinkle baking soda, RUB it in ribbed fabric of his jeans. Lay inside and outside of the legs with a soft cloth and iron the jeans iron. Repeat this procedure until most of the fat will be absorbed into the soda. Then wash the jeans in warm soapy water.
Stains from chocolate, wipe with a solution of ammonia. Then samite warm water. If this procedure doesn't help, add in a small amount of water to table salt to make a saline solution. Wipe them with a chocolate stain.