The ideal solution is of course, dry cleaning. Here spotted doing in most cases, but the high cost, the chemicals, the loss of time also play an important role. So try to clean the clothes on their own.
Remember that a fresh stain is much easier to remove than old. So try to do all the manipulation to remove immediately.
Pollution should be treated from the edge to the center, and not Vice versa. Otherwise, you will have a halo around the spot. In any case it is not necessary to RUB the fabric, just to saturate the material.
Pre-test in an inconspicuous spot or spare piece of cloth from the trousers used means. This will allow you to avoid damage clothing if in the composition of the stainremover are of potent substances.
In most cases, the pants appear greasy stains from milk, butter, blood, meat, fish. They immediately needed sprinkle with salt and lightly RUB. Repeat this several times, changing the salt. You can make a paste of salt and a small amount of water that you apply on the stain, wait until fully dry and repeat several times. Good to cope with fatty stains talc and chalk.
Another way to get rid of oily stains. For him, we need sugar, dark soap and hot water. Soak the stain in hot water, soap, top, sprinkle with sugar and leave for 15 minutes. Then wash the thing in the usual way. If the stain has not disappeared, try again.
Ordinary salt can do wonders for spotm from the fault. Sprinkle a fresh stain from red wine with salt, leave for a few minutes, and then rinse with warm water. If contamination is chronic, will help citric acid. Wet pants in her solution and then wash.
Grass stains wash off with soap or a good detergent. But if that fails, use ammonia, which is necessary to blot the stainand then wash. Will also remove the contamination of ammonia (you can substitute with vodka).
From spots and stains can be removed by using kerosene or turpentine. They wipe the stain, then blot with ammonia or baking soda.
Gum on pants can save the ice. Frozen gum is easily removed, and the remaining stain wipe gasoline.
Very often the pants appear scorch mark from the iron. Wipe such a stain with hydrogen peroxide and iron to dry. Also sometimes burns moistened with boric acid solution and wash in the usual way. To get rid of this trouble will also help the bulb – wipe it with a half of onion and soak for several hours in cold water.