You will need
  • - washing powder;
  • - Laundry soap;
  • soap "Antipyatin";
  • - salt;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - lemon;
  • - gauze;
  • - ammonia;
  • - vodka;
  • - baking soda.
Blood stains are in any case not satirewire hot water, as heat causes the protein's fold in between the fibers. If the stain had time to dry, soak it in a basin with cold water and adding any detergent. After soaking, RUB the dirty place and won't stain and the scent.
The more time has passed from the date of receipt of bloodstains on the jeans, the harder you will have to wash them. First of all, soak the thing in ice water and add for best effect, a few tablespoons of salt. Increase the soak time of twelve hours. Then wash the jeans in cold water with soap. If jeans are white, before soaking, apply to the contaminated area a few drops of hydrogen peroxide.
The appearance of rusty spots on the jeans (near the buttons or lock) use the following method: take the lemon and cut the peel, cut a slice and wrap the pulp in cheesecloth. Then attach the wrapped lemon on the stain and press a hot iron to the maximum, hold it some time (a minute). Left to wash the jeans in cool water with powder or soap "Antipyatin".
Green grass stains on the jeans perfectly removed with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, mixed in equal proportions. Dampen a cosmetic disc or cotton ball in the prepared solution and RUB the contaminated area. Fresh grass stains cleaned with vodka. As the traces of deeply eats into the fabric, repeat the cleaning procedure several times.
The resulting grease stain on the jeans remove with baking soda. To do this, pour the contaminated area baking soda and carefully RUB it into the fabric. Then attach the outer and inner side of the fabric pure white paper and iron with a hot iron. The bulk of the fat will be absorbed into the soda. Repeat this procedure several times, filling up a new batch of soda. Wash the jeans in lukewarm soapy water.