You will need
  • jeans with stain, Vanish, Antipyatin.
If it's a stain on old work jeans, careful removal may not required. But if you put a spot on even brand new jeans, don't panic. Everything can be fixed, and you do not need to make much effort.
Take the potato flour and cook from it a thick paste, which is then put on the spot. Express jeans in this condition for 2-3 hours. If traces of the stain left, try to wipe these places with a cloth moistened with petrol. When the stain is completely down, need to wipe this place with a piece of stale bread.
Old stains on jeans are removed by purified gasoline turpentine. To a place under the spot is placed a blotting paper, which must first be wet with gasoline. To avoid streaks, you need to lubricate the area of tissue around the spots cleaned with gasoline or plain water. The stain is wiped from the edge to the middle of the clean white cloth. After the stain is cleaned, rinse with water and dry.
In order to remove the stain on jeans, you can use the known modern means Vanish and Fairy. But be careful, applying Fairy. After removal of the contamination on the jeans may remain a white spot. To avoid doubt, try first to treat a small area at the hem or other parts of the jeans, which is not visible from the outside.
Also a good tool that removes stains on the jeansis the spray Antipyatin.
Tailors have long been the original method of cleaning stains. It is necessary to take tailor's chalk and grind it to a powder, then fill from the inside area where is located the spot. After a couple of hours you need to clean the stain with a brush. The procedure can be repeated until the complete disappearance of contamination.
Firm AmWay, leader of network marketing, also offer well-proven remedy for removing stains. The composition is oxygen bleach. It does not contain chlorine. Bleach diluted in hot water and forms a foam solution. It before washing should be put on the spot just for a few minutes.