It does not matter when the paint got on jeans today, yesterday or a year ago. It is sufficient to wash them in a solution of ammonia and pants as new. The number of solution depends on the size of the spots and degree of contamination. It is better to buy ammonia in the pharmacy stock.

Take jeans, pour into a bowl with a little water, soak. Pour the contaminated area with a solution of ammonia and erasable, trying to make the ammonia solution did not mix the stain with water for thirty seconds or so heavy washing. You can apply for, always hard clothes brush.

It is best to do this outdoors as the smell is awful. The process of filling the spots with ammonia and washing must be repeated until then, until the paint disappear. After this it is necessary several times rinse pants in clean water, changing the water.

Then put the jeans in the washing machine and prosteride powder. The smell of ammonia should be solved forever. In any case, jeans are better to dry in the fresh air.

This method of removing spots of paint has only been tested on the jeans, what about other kinds of matter is unknown.