You will need
  • Powder,
  • - soap,
  • - tablet gidroperita,
  • - ammonia,
  • - borax,
  • - potato starch,
  • Sol.
Surely everyone knows that the easiest way removes fresh blood stains in the wash with cold water. Add and dissolve the powder in a basin or other special detergent in cold water. After the stain is washed, thoroughly rinse the jeans in lukewarm water. From the stains will not be over, but your jeans will look like new.
If the blood stain is old, pour into a basin of cold water and soak the jeans, leave it on for 2-4 hours. Then try to wash the stain with the addition of soap.
The following method is possible only for the jeans of white color, in another case, may form a white spot, which noticeably spoil the appearance of things. Take your tablet gidroperita, slightly moisten it and drive the bloody spot. Only need to wash the thing in cool water with soap or powder.
Old blood stains from jeans can be displayed with ammonia, for this purpose prepare a solution. Mix one teaspoon of ammonia with a glass of water, RUB the stain solution. Then RUB with a solution prepared from borax with water in the same proportion. Rinse the jeans in warm water.
If jeans are pretty slim, to remove the stain of blood can be a solution prepared from a potato starch and water. In this case you should get a thick paste that should be applied to the upper and inner side of the spots. Let dry completely, then brush off the starch and, if necessary, wash jeans.
In order to remove old blood stains on jeans, prepare a salt solution. To do this, mix one tablespoon salt with one liter of cold water. Soak in this solution jeans for a few hours, left them to wash in warm water with added detergent.