Jeans can stain anything: from the usual paint and finishing chewing gum. But it does not matter - these spots can be safely and easily be displayed at home.
If the paint stain is old, use solvent, white spirit or petrol, but to begin, apply a small drop on an inconspicuous part of the jeans - make sure that the composition does not change the color of your clothes. Then safely proceed to clean the spot. If the paint is oil, it can be easily scrub any dishwashing detergent. To do this, take a small container with warm water and make a concentrated detergent solution. His lather, then using a sponge wipe the stain. Repeat this process until until of it will not be over. After all the manipulations wash jeans in the washing machine.
One more trouble - chewing gum, which can be summarized in several simple ways. If you noticed it on your trousers, try to freeze it, put the pants in the freezer refrigerator. When it freeze slightly, scrape it from the material means at hand - the nail nail file or small spatula.
Melt a stick of gum. Remove the stuck main mass of the material. Will stain. Take a rag or a sheet of paper, put it on jeans and go over them with a hot iron. Repeat until the bitter end, until the stain is completely fine with jeans. Rinse the jeans in the soapy water.
Try to remove it using various solvents or stain removers, but remember that this method is suitable only for dark colored clothes.
If you failed to remove the stains at home, contact the professionals. Modern dry cleaning provide a wide range of services, including removal of various stains, almost any complexity.