First of all, think whether you have outstanding overdue loans. If so, you can be assured you blacklisted.
Also remember, time if you repay all your loans. Have you had any long-term debt to pay them. If such debt was, again, you in the black list.
If you banks have refused to issue loans, most likely you have to "bad account". And although the Bank has the right to refuse without explanation, try to negotiate with the security service and to find out your credit history. If you don't feel guilty, it may, indeed, have been a mistake.
Find out whether you are among the "sinners" in Bureau of credit stories. To do this, send a written request. Make a request in free form, but always assure him of a notary. Once a year you should send a credit history free of charge. If you require the money, you know, this requirement is not legal. It can be appealed.
If you don't know which Bureau formed by your credit history, use the service provided by the Bank of Russia. On the official website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation has a page "the Central catalogue of credit histories" (CCCI). Fill out the form on this page and send request. You will receive a response to the email address that you specify in the query.
Please note, to take advantage CCCI may, if you remember the code of the subject. If you don't remember or don't know, contact any Bank (public, commercial, anyway) or any credit Bureau with the application for providing lists of those bureaus where your credit history. Banks you can not refuse. But this is a paid service.
And finally, if you have been blacklisted, do not despair. To fix your bad credit history is difficult, but possible. For this you need to make a new "clean" history. Take out a loan at high interest rates, secured or guarantors. Pay it regularly in accordance with the payment schedule. So it will be the beginning of a new credit history.